Friday, April 22, 2005

In memory of Heather Sawyer

The family of a fallen soldier wanted access to his email, but Yahoo said it would violate their privacy policy, which states that all accounts terminate upon death. Then they went to court, and the court told Yahoo to give the parents the email, and everyone is now happy.

I am not, however. I am nervous as heck. If I die, I am not sure that I want someone reading my email. Of course, I don't know anyone would
want to read my email - it is pretty boring. "Oh look, Heather disagreed with the classical method of homeschooling." "Oh wow, did you know Heather can be real mean when she is in a fibro-flare?" "Oh goodness - I can't believe Heather would forward on that type of joke! Pray kids, Pray!"

Legally, I don't have a problem with surviving family members getting the email account. I guess it would be similar to obtaining old letters, journals, and other items the person may have created in his/her life. However, if the emails are created under the assumption that no one will ever be able to get to it upon death (i.e. Yahoo's privacy policy) then shouldn't that policy be enforced?

Well kids, lets just watch what we are typing now, lest it becomes part of our eulogy at some point.

In Memory of
Heather "angelmommy" Sawyer

Heather was a wonderful wife, mother and child. Her heart so pure, her soul so kind.

Even though she would get in heated debates on her email lists, that she instigated when suffering from a foul mood or PMS, she was a gentle person who found creative substitutes for profanity when the lists were monitored.

And although she passed along humor that could be crude, hurtful, and sometimes blasphemous, all who know her believe that just shows how important it was for Heather to share laughter with the world.

Finally, the quantity of email in her inbox just goes to show how many people truly loved Heather, or shall we say, angelmommy. People were always offering to give her things - free Red Lobster gift certificates, free Sony Playstation, heck - even $500 cash to her inbox. *sigh* If only she had forwarded on that poem about seems strange that someone as sharp as her wouldn't have followed the warning at the bottom.

Yes, we will miss Heather. Her final gift to us will keep her alive in our memories - over 100,000 tokens on Club Pogo. Ah yes, remember Heather as your are placing that blackjack bet, or winning your hand of gin. I know she will be smiling down upon you.


At 12:47 PM, Blogger Jen said...

You are a complete nut. You know that don't you? That's why I love you!

At 1:02 PM, Blogger Heather said...

More than any other Jen in the world, right?

At 9:16 PM, Blogger Jen said...



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