Thursday, July 12, 2007

Aurora Reservoir

We had a great day at this swim beach! Clayton got together with some of the homeschool boys and they made a HUGE volcano in the sand. Afterwards, they decided to create two ponds and connect them with water, which proved a little more difficult than anticipated.

Ronnie teamed up with a girl from our group and they rescued bugs from the lake, putting them into the house and playground that they built for them. It was real sweet! All in all we spent about 4 hours at the Reservoir and the kids really had a good time. It was great for me to see Ronnie lose his fear of water and just go right in. We definitely will go back soon!

We also went to the Kaiser Permanente smoking cessation class tonight for Ron. He found it very helpful and has set a quit date for July 20th. I pray that he can quit for good ~ his heart needs him to.

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