Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Steve Irwin, We will miss you!

Alright - I didn't follow my "blog every day" plan. I sort of new it wouldn't happen...

I cried today after watching brief commercial on Animal Planet that was a small tribute to Steve Irwin. Here is a man whose passion for animals was so very amazing ~ causing a lot of us to think "Crikey - this guy is CRAZY!"

Now that he has died, even his close friends are realizing that he was MUCH more involved in wildlife conservation efforts than was publicly known. This article talks about some of the amazing things he did, spending a LOT of money to do them, all under the radar of the media.

You can post your condolences here (you will need to register at Discovery Channel to post in this forum). Finally, there is a memorial slideshow which you can view to remember Steve Irwin as we want to remember him.

God Bless you Steve, and your precious family. May they find comfort in their mourning with the knowledge that you are now with our Heavenly Father ~ as special souls such as yours are sure to have the greatest glory.


At 1:59 PM, Blogger Jen said...

I didn't see this post! That was REALLY sad, although it is kind of weird that we were all surprised. At least, that's the conclusion I came to when I thought about it. I'm glad we had him as an example.

Just finished my 9/11 tribute, are you working on yours?


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