Thursday, August 02, 2007

Am I really doing a Thursday Thirteen????

Thirteen Things about Heather's Household

1…. We have two children at home (my husband has four
other children besides ours and five grandchilren)

2.... We have two dogs - Luke and Leia (yes, as in THAT
Luke and Leia!)

3.... We have fish named General Grevious and Mace
Windu (you don't name your fish?)

4.... We have large goldfish but Leia ate one in the
middle of the night (VERY LARGE FISH!)

5.... I have two turtles - one named Chuck and one
whose name hasn't stuck yet

6.... We have a guinea pig named Reeses

7.... I have lots of guppies - I give a lot away

8... I live in a three bedroom townhouse less than 1100
square feet

9.... I have too much clutter

10.... The dogs sleep on our bed sometimes (ok, a lot)

11... My desk is buried - I need to clean it today

12. I have many many many books

13. Almost none of my furniture was purchased - most
of it Ron got from people moving out and leaving it
behind - hence the "eclectic" decor we have.

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