Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Ten for Tuesday

10 stupid things you did as a kid

  1. Caught a wild bunny outside to keep as a pet.
  2. Hid said bunny in dresser drawer so my mom wouldn't find out.
  3. Put dirty dishes in my bedroom closet rather than washing them.
  4. The closet being given up, I hid dirty dishes in the clothes dryer then ran out of the house terrified when my little sister threw a shirt in and turned it on without looking.
  5. Started smoking.
  6. Laid out a mean silent fart in kindergarten and then remained absolutely silent as the teacher freaked out wondering what the smell was. I held my silence about the incident even as she called the janitor.
  7. Ran around the schoolyard in second grade chasing boys trying to hit there bottoms - earning the nickname "the spanker".
  8. Copied proverbs from the bible instead of writing my own in 4th grade - my teacher commented on my great talent (I confessed my sin and humbly repented - thank you!)
  9. Repeatedly convinced my little sister that the things she was given (I specifically remember a purse from my mother) were stupid and as a scarifice, I would take them off her hands.
  10. Convince my little sister to take the blame for me by telling her that I knew I didn't do it, and since we were going to be in trouble until one confessed she might as well tell mom and dad it was her since she was the only one who could be guilty.

And I wonder why my sister hates me.


At 10:49 PM, Blogger Jen said...

It sure seems like there should have been something in Proverbs about all that lying you did to your sister. Did you learn nothing while you were plagiarizing them?

I think you're probably off the hook about the stinky SBD in Kindergarten, though, but only because the authors of the Proverbs would never deign to write about something so debased and you couldn't be expected to know better otherwise, I guess...

At 7:40 AM, Blogger Heather said...

LMBO - you know what I find totally hilarious is that I had to tone down this entry a LOT just to keep it PG - makes you wonder what other things I did as a child ...


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